Thursday, January 6, 2011

desktop diaries - new series on npr's science friday

National Public Radio's Science Friday program has begun a new series called Desktop Diaries where they will visit the desk of the subject of one of their science interviews - often a scientist or other researcher. This series kicked off with a visit to Oliver Sacks, a physician and author.

He appears to have several desks within his office. One with a vast collection of items that keep him company, as you will see him describe. A standing height writing desk which is a very interesting work station. And another small desk by the window which he values for the visual interest of the view, and the sounds. There is much to ponder in his relationship with the workplace he has built, but we clearly get the sense that this is highly personalized, and highly effective workplace for him. The fact that it is so far from the office cubical in its form and disposition I think sheds much light on the fact that there is much improvement we can all make to the environment in which we work. Clearly Oliver's workplace is working for him in an exquisite way. We should all be so lucky.

You can view the video in slightly higher resolution at the Science Friday website.

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