Friday, November 12, 2010

icf new mobile workstation: mobi

ICF has introduced a very clever mobile workstation called mobi. It has a great combination of simplicity and utility that makes it an ideal desk for some of the new work patterns we've been exploring such as CoWorking. It also makes a great desk for home working.
The configuration is simple - a trapezoid work-top is anchored to a fabric covered partition on one end. This allows you to use it as a desk, or a three person meeting table. The desk end is supported by a single pedestal leg, while each end of the partition has a caster wheel. This allows you to easily move it around, like a wheelbarrow. And with its tripod stance its always stable, no rocking back and forth and no adjusting feet to chase away the tipping.
The partition has a gentle curve which emphasizes the sense of enclosure it offers. This simple desk plus partition can then be combined in a number of ways to form small work groups, or lines of independent work stations. Then they can be easily reconfigured to suit the team, or accommodate a changing task as a project proceeds to completion.
What is great here is how easy it is to reconfigure, and how the simple geometry it suggests can combine into many unique desk patterns. I think this is an ideal desk for day workstations in a CoWorking facility. Small groups can quickly join up to collaborate, loners can define their own space, and it can all be quickly moved aside for a special event or Friday happy hours. Yeah - I'm talking to you, all you CoWorkers pushing desks around this very minute!
ICF Mobi - no dedicated web page but can be seen at the ICF web site.

UPDATE: Great link forwarded to me by the Mobi marketing manager - a great introductory video posted at the site of the manufacturer Abstracta, Sweden (ICF is the US distributor):
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