Friday, October 8, 2010

short video: The Desk

"The Desk" from Benjamin Cox on Vimeo.

I really like the way this short video by Benjamin Cox about the nature of the desk in our work life. This really gets at the ideas we've tried to explore here. The desk, the office, as tools in your work life. Perhaps its a tool that is one step removed from things we work with directly such as our computer, our pens and paper. But its no less significant for this relationship, and has the power to either enable or inhibit our work in this way.


  1. Any suggestions for home office desks. I am looking for something that can float in the living room or bedroom, not a designated office. I need it to have some space for a fax/printer and laptop with drawer for storage.

  2. Getting a printer in a desk may be a trick - I would lean towards putting the printer in an independant mobile pedestal, so it could live under the desk, or roll out of the way if you wish. I only say this because I like table like desks for freestanding locations.

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