Sunday, March 28, 2010

one shelley street, an activity based workplace

one shelley street

One Shelly Street is a work place for investment consultant Macquarie Group in Sydney Australia completed last year. The building was designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects, and the collaborative work platform of Activity Based Working implemented by Dutch consultant Veldhoen & Co.

one shelley street

As the name suggests the work space is organized by spaces designed to support specific activities. There are library like areas with shared tables and desks, small meeting nooks, cafe like table groupings, and traditional conference rooms, all organized around an open atrium.

one shelley street

This loosely structured physical workplace is supported by work practices that facilitate it. For instance incoming paper mail is scanned and distributed to employees electronically. This eliminates one source of paperwork that would gather in files that would otherwise anchor a worker to a physical location. All of the work practices of the organization have been examined and modified in this manner to support the flexibility of the workplace. Workers are able to change their work setting as it suits them and the tasks they are doing. It is in the end an effort to enable the workers to take more charge of their environment and ultimately their work.

one shelley street

We want to learn more about the principles that have been implemented here because there is a direct relationship between workplace design, and work culture in this example. This is really the type of thing we want to explore on workalicious.

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