Friday, February 5, 2010

what's working in coworking

A great blog post from a morning seminar held at Citizen Space, a CoWorking community in San Francisco. The blog post at Shareable gives a good overview of the discussions that day, and it hits on many points we've been raising here.

  • They mention: some "rent-an-office" businesses have re-branded themselves with coworking to attract business. I don't know that this is a "threat" to CoWorking, but the mantra of community first must really be kept at the forefront when discussing CoWorking. So much of the value comes out of the shared vision and mission of creating the culture of the CoWorking site. In fact - we are going to invent a new term right now to raise awareness of this CoWork spoofing. CoWashing. Look out for it.
  • What role does corporate sponsorship play in coworking spaces? We recently looked at a new community that is sponsored by office furniture maker SteelCase. For the space it offers stability, for the SteelCase a venue where they can learn about this new kind of office environment. It can have a beneficial symbiosis.

There is much more good food for thought there:

What's Working in CoWorking

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