Tuesday, February 9, 2010

rowe - results only work environment

Results Only Work Environment is a management structure that has emerged at several progressive large companies. It is what it sounds like. The workplace is run on the idea that the results generated by the employee are what matters - not how much time spent in the office, or what brand of suit is worn to meetings. This tends to be supported by an open and loosely structured work place where fixed desks and department organizations are less common. Some functions will always be best served by a fixed work space, but many others can be cut loose to work anywhere, and however the employee sees fit to complete their tasks. With this kind of management the company may be providing cafe and lounge like spaces for the workers, as well as a range of fixed and hotel basis desks, as well as meeting spaces. As a management style it makes a profound impact on the workplace design, and the out-fitting of that workplace. Proper elements in furniture, mobile elements, and software to manage the assets becomes very important to pull of this convention braking strategy.

Online resources for this are beginning to emerge. Large companies may or may not be willing to share what works well for them, so shared resources are important for smaller companies to get a handle on the implications of making a change like this. Some resources:

BusinessWeek article on Best Buy Co's adoption of rowe.

Wikipedia page on rowe, although it is mostly a promotion for CultureRx who seems to have coined the name which brings us to:

The ROWE web site by CultureRx, the authors of Why Work Sucks and How to Fix it . This was the original proposition and the authors now consult on implementing the rowe strategy, as well as sell various self help materials to help you implement it in your workplace.

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