Wednesday, January 6, 2010

wall street journal tests coworking

In an article appearing the WSJ's Cranky Consumer column four CoWorking sites in four cities were tested, and reviewed. This was not just a review of the amenities and policies of each site, but a dipping a toe into the waters of CoWorking. An orientation for those who don't know what this CoWorking thing is all about. Its very interesting to see mainstream media investigating this and reporting about what CoWorking is to the broader public.

A couple of interesting points in the article that I want to point out. They mention the CoWorking Visa program which allows members of participating CoWorking sites to use each other's facilities while traveling. A great benefit for any independent worker whose work may involve travel to other cities. I also was very interested in some of the activity described at the CoWorking site Souk in Portland Oregon. The author describes their open office space being outfitted with mobile tables which they are encouraged to move about to suit their activity. This seems to me to have great potential to be a facilitator for a wide range of activities that might go on in a common space. More over it reinforces my assertion that Community may come first, but appropriate tools make the CoWorking space work better for the whole community.

Office (and Beanbag) Sharing Among Strangers at WSJ

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