Wednesday, January 13, 2010

envelop desk, ergonomic desk from herman miller

envelop desk

Herman Miller has introduced an interesting small sized computer desk that is a great home/small office desk, as well as easily mates with their other more complex cubicle and desk systems. The most compelling feature of the desk is its active top that allows you to slide the work surface towards you settling into a recess in its front surface.

envelop desk

This sliding mechanism is a new action in active desks. We've seen tops that tilt, and tops that raise and lower, but this one is unique in that it comes forward to meet you, at once sliding, and angling to put your arms in a comfortable keyboarding position. In fact I think that this is the first desk I've seen that attempts to accommodate the habitual slouch that we often find ourselves in - in combination with one of their sophisticated chairs and a foot rest they can actually turn this into a healthy posture for working - interesting! This sort of parallels a series of low elevation lounge capable task chairs we saw coming out of Japan late last year.

envelop desk

The desk is innovative, yet Herman Miller has pulled from the parts bin to an extend, using the legs and under-carriage from their Avive desk system for the legs of the Envelop. No problem with that - it will help the Envelop table live better in an office populated with Avive desks.

Envelop Desk by Herman Miller

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