Sunday, January 3, 2010

denizen desking from coalesse


Coalesse is a new Steelcase brand combining the best product of their Vecta, Metro, and Brayton lines along with specfic new Coalesse product. We are really glad to see this because while Steelcase is generally conservative they have often fostered interesting progressive products through their smaller brands like Vecta and Metro - some of their product which we have featured here. It would be nice to see them give these brands a boost.

Which brings us to the Denizen desking system - actually a series of casework based desk/wall units, and clever freestanding components and tables.


They prefix Denizen with the term Live/Work and you can clearly see how it would be possible to integrate these handsome pieces into a home office setting - directly in your living spaces. They are also suitable for a private office where I think the interesting geometry is a welcome relief from the stereo type wood desk and fox-hunt scene aesthetic.


Denizen at Coalesse

Denizen at the Steelcase store


and check out the other interesting desk systems at coalesse

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