Wednesday, January 6, 2010

coworking in the mainstream media

NPR broadcast a story today about CoWorking on their Morning Edition program, outlining the concept and what brings people together to work in this fashion. Overall it was amazing to hear the idea of CoWorking being spread in this medium. I thought the piece could have used more emphasis on the idea of community driving the movement, but they did touch on the history briefly, even mentioning the idea of Jellies, although not by name.

An aside during the story was the mention of a CoWorking site organized and run by Steelcase. This was news to me and I can only think that they would see it as a test platform for CoWorking specific products. As much as the CoWorking culture says "its all about community" I know that any work place benefits from good tools, appropriate tools, and appropriate office furniture can benefit CoWorking as much as wifi. Its very significant that an office furnishing power house like Steelcase would be taking a closer look at CoWorking. We'll try to learn more about this.

Read or Listen to the NPR piece

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