Tuesday, January 12, 2010

abak desk system by herman miller

Abak 1

I really really like this flexible desk system called Abak by Herman Miller. It is not a rigid furniture system like something you build cubicles out of, but rather a flexible desk system which can let you work with a series of mobile tables, or in private cubicle like spaces using clamp on screens. But you can also build spine based systems from it, and by golly you can do Big Table Desking with it too.

Abak 2

What is clever about it is the desks are based on a ladder like spine which is tied together by the legs and supports the desktop. This spine allows for various top shapes as well as the mounting of screens and partitions, perpendicular surfaces, wire trays and other accessories. Really a brilliant system - so brilliant that I thought it was a brilliant idea when Vitra did it years and years ago with the Ad Hoc system! I'm not trying to throw water on Herman Miller's fire here - I really like what they are doing - but we have to acknowledge prior art whether or not patent and copyright is in order. I am sure it is all in order, because these guys are all pros at this making furniture thing. Abak 3 But any office desk system junkie (like myself) is going to recognize that a big part of what is happening here is very similar to Vitra's Ad Hoc. Now Herman Miller has other things happening beyond this similarity, and all fairness Ad Hoc was doing other things that this just won't do. Precedents are very important in design, and it does not make sense to pretend they do not exist. So hats off to Herman Miller for being bold enough to introduce a progressive desk system. Lets see if they can't do more with selling it than Vitra was able to do with Ad Hoc. Abak by Herman Miller

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