Friday, December 25, 2009

death of the cubicle


An interesting opinion piece by Susan E. Reed writing for Global Post describes the Unilever corporation's efforts to eliminate the cubicle from their workplaces:

When executives at Unilever noticed that much of their office space was either unused or unoccupied as workers traveled, they took away 36 percent of their employees’ personal space. The company’s offices in Leatherhead, England, now feature “agile” space: a largely open office where workers rearrange themselves throughout the day depending upon their tasks. They can collaborate with one another while sitting at a table, take a break in a curvy “vitality” space or concentrate alone in a small individual work area.

Its an interesting example of a large organization questioning what kind of environment will make their people most productive, and at the same time enable them to eliminate wasteful and expensive real estate.

Death of the Cubicle at Global Post

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