Wednesday, November 18, 2009

great coworking dialog on google groups

I want to call attention to this great discussion on Google Groups pertaining to the organization of CoWorking venues. It was started off with a question about the profitability of spaces and moved on to a wide ranging discussion. I like the advice from Alex Hillman of Philly's Indy Hall:

Having people involved in the space from the get-go sets this example. We signed a lease on a Tuesday, and sent out an e-mail that day asking people to show up on Saturday with rollers to start painting. The following week, a desk-building party. Turning tasks into social events sounds sneaky, but it's worked really well at helping people identify with a sense of ownership. They're more than paying members, they have an emotional attachment to the space because they've contributed to its existence. They're proud of it.

The beauty of this is that it's the first shove in a cycle of creating more of this mentality. The people with that sense of attachment lead by example, and new members that join see that activity and the reward (public thanks and recognition is the simplest reward), and the cycle continues.

Google Groups CoWorking discussion

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