Thursday, November 19, 2009

cardboard meeting booths - new meme?

A few of these "furniture as meeting space" proposals have popped up over the past year and I wonder if it is just a meme or a new prototypical piece office furniture, eventually to be as common as desk, task chair, filing cabinet...?

cardboard meeting booth

Of course this one is cardboard, which is another tangent meme we are seeing as well.

cardboard meeting booth

But aside from the trendy characteristics I believe this this is actually a very compelling paradigm. Small freestanding meeting space - why set aside an entire room for a meeting that might not need that much space, or a closed door for that matter. And this is so much better than meeting in the office or at the desk of one participant - a meeting space is more neutral ground and that has an effect on participants interaction.

More photos at the Contemporist blog.

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