Friday, October 23, 2009

new coworking community: design annex, sommerville


Design Annex is a new CoWorking space in Sommerville, Mass, just north of Boston with a focus on design centric businesses. They explain on their site that Sommerville is a growing center for design service firms, and they were conceived to serve the design independents in the community.

Somerville is increasingly the center of design in Massachusetts with 124 design related businesses, making the city second in density of both architectural & engineering service firms and of design service firms in Massachusetts. More than twenty creative industry businesses are active in the central business district of Union Square alone. Design Annex seeks to further advance Union Square as a center for design-related activity.

Along with the usual CoWorking space amenities such as workstations and conference rooms, Design Annex has a dedicated model building/presentation making room with ventilation appropriate to various glues and spray materials.

Design Annex

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