Friday, October 16, 2009

looking for space, looking for people to share space

Some great resources for office space/coworking matchmaking:


The Cube is a CoWorking online community touts itself as an online water cooler. More of a "full service" community its also a good place to find space, or find people to share space.


SuiteMatch is just what it says it is - like a dating service for the workplace. They cover all of the larger cities coast to coast, and seems like a good way to find shared office space.


Rofo is an online Broker of sorts, providing free listings of your space, and free postings of your space needs. If you make a match through their service they ask for a small fee, although I was never able to find out exactly what that was reviewing the site.


  1. Very good! After all those posts about nice furniture, it's refreshing to see this. Thanks!

  2. I know - I'm a furniture addict - you have to slap me out of it once in a while.


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