Tuesday, October 27, 2009

beyond the cubicle - new york post


Not exactly my go to source for journalism on the evolving workplace, but hey, this is a sign of the times if stories about rethinking the workplace hit mainstream newspapers.

Ask Manhattan-based interior architect Maria Lopez what’s wrong with office design, and she looks like she just bit down on a fluorescent light fixture.

“It’s not conducive to humanity!” she exclaims, her voice rising in exasperated bewilderment. “The hepatitis-yellow lights, the cubes — it’s like you’re in a bloody hospital ward, going to see someone who’s dying.”

The article actually captures the nature of the situation, with progressive companies percieved as going out on a limb to introduce thoughtfully designed workplaces, while it turns out they are not out on a limb at all. In fact they are sowing the rewards of a workplace that is a tool in their mission.

Great case studies linked towards the bottom of the page as the reporters are off to learn about Google, Bloomberg, and JWT.

Some city firms toss the cubes and reinvent the workplace

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