Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sxsw candidate panel on "ditch the cubicle"

sxsw panelpicker

One of the candidate panels for SXSW2010 is titled Ditch The Cubicle, Go Virtual, Save The World! If you are voting on panels please vote for this one because we would like to see it happen, and cover the contents here on Workalicious. In fact if this panel does not make the cut we invite the organizer Tony Bacigalupo to host it virtually and we'll post it to Workalicious. The proposal asks:

Why do people work in cubicles? What is virtualization? What challenges do businesses face when attempting to go virtual? How would going virtual affect carbon emissions & gas consumption? How would going virtual affect traffic and infrastructure? How would going virtual affect happiness? How does a company go about removing the need for an office? How exciting would it be to do away with the cubicle? How can we each do our part to improve the work/life balance? What open questions are still to be answered?

Ditch the Cubicle at SXSW

Tony on twitter


  1. Um YES!

    Regardless of whether the panel gets picked, I'm planning on doing advance discussions revolving around this stuff, and would love to join up.

    Thanks much for the shout, Greg!

  2. Thats a deal Tony - good luck with the voting. We want to cover it either way.


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