Wednesday, August 5, 2009

spec furniture's simple sleeper


Having a sofa in the office is a great thing if you are on a killer deadline and end up staying in the office to later hours. Grabbing a couple hours sleep on the sofa and getting back to work can be handy, or simply crashing after you upload your project and are done. Having a sleeper sofa can be even better, but somehow feels inappropriate in the office.

Thats where the SimpleSleeper by Spec Furniture really fills a niche. Its like a day bed, but instead of pillows it has a legitimate back rest like a sofa. But when you feel like stretching out on it the back pivots up and out of the way giving back the full width of the seat cushion.


Great options too, for arms or no arms, and a great storage drawer below - a few pillows perhaps?


SimpleSleeper at Spec's NeoCon09 round up

PDF brochure on the SimpleSleeper

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