Tuesday, August 18, 2009



An interesting post on the Spy Vibe blog about the film Playtime which is apparently heading for release on Bluray. Its the story of an increasinly bewildered businessman as he encounters a confusing series of experiences on his business trip to Paris. Much of the film is without dialog and plays out in purpose built sets of bizarre modern environments in pantomime. There are some choice scenes in hauntingly modern offices of endless isolated cubicles. Interesting for this extrapolation of where the modern workplace was heading in the 1960s.

Playtime at Spy Vibe

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  1. Yes, that's a great film, humorously making us think about the real effects of all that "modernity".

    Have you seen "Office Space"? It talks about that grey, hateful office life. Love that scene where the main character destroys his cubicle and then sits back and looks happily around his new open desk.


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