Wednesday, August 26, 2009

breakout os, social media site for work meetups

This is a web application that is still in Beta, and is being tested in NYC from now through September. Here is how it is described:

When workers of the world throw off the shackles of their fixed workplaces and liberate themselves from their cubicles, how will they find each other in the creativity-inspiring public spaces of the world's cities? At this session, we'll take the wrapper off an alpha version of the Breakout Operating System, a social wep app that's part Meetup, part social media aggregator, and part networking site for coworkers. Help us turn this amazing tool into something that can be used around the world to liberate people from the dull conference rooms and confining cubicles and experience work in the great outdoors.

So if you are in the area, and you want in on this software's testing follow the link to the page to get the details on the beta testing schedule and meetings.

BREAKOUT! Beta meeting at

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

xeno work table by girsberger

xeno 1

I like this conference/work table by Girsberger. It has sort of a rustic picnic table like look to it, yet the top conceals an expansion mechanism and additional table leaves. Very cool. And it looks like you can get one end of the table in a laminate surface - great if you want to high-light the location of a speaker, or if a pot of coffee/pitcher of water is always on the table during your meetings.

xeno 2

xeno 3

Xeno at Girsberger

Thursday, August 20, 2009

interactive google map of coworking locations

View Larger Map

Here it is - a map of all the know coworking locations in the world. Going to be traveling, needing a desk for a day, here is your best reference. You can add locations you know of, or direct your favorite coworking site to get their location up on the map.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

topdeq closing, offering 30% off

Topdeq logo

I'm disappointed to announce that mail order office furniture and accessory dealer Topdeq is closing. For years they have offered a range of well designed knocked down office furniture that was a clear cut above Ikea. It seems they are another victim of the economy, but to our benefit they are going to go out with a big sale. 30% off inventory is what I was told on my phone in inquiry. I did not see that posted to their web site today, so if you are going to take advantage of it make sure you call in for the most up to date pricing.

So Long Topdeq, and thanks for all the desks!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sxsw candidate panel on "ditch the cubicle"

sxsw panelpicker

One of the candidate panels for SXSW2010 is titled Ditch The Cubicle, Go Virtual, Save The World! If you are voting on panels please vote for this one because we would like to see it happen, and cover the contents here on Workalicious. In fact if this panel does not make the cut we invite the organizer Tony Bacigalupo to host it virtually and we'll post it to Workalicious. The proposal asks:

Why do people work in cubicles? What is virtualization? What challenges do businesses face when attempting to go virtual? How would going virtual affect carbon emissions & gas consumption? How would going virtual affect traffic and infrastructure? How would going virtual affect happiness? How does a company go about removing the need for an office? How exciting would it be to do away with the cubicle? How can we each do our part to improve the work/life balance? What open questions are still to be answered?

Ditch the Cubicle at SXSW

Tony on twitter



An interesting post on the Spy Vibe blog about the film Playtime which is apparently heading for release on Bluray. Its the story of an increasinly bewildered businessman as he encounters a confusing series of experiences on his business trip to Paris. Much of the film is without dialog and plays out in purpose built sets of bizarre modern environments in pantomime. There are some choice scenes in hauntingly modern offices of endless isolated cubicles. Interesting for this extrapolation of where the modern workplace was heading in the 1960s.

Playtime at Spy Vibe

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

vicinity work storage by hon


Hon is a commodity filing cabinet manufacturer available at most office supply places, but who also makes some slightly up-market desk and storage systems. Vicinity is one such shelving/cabinet/filing system, completely modular and based on vertical supports with legs. The modular nature allows you to configure a unit just as you need it, and the option to make it freestanding allows you to use it as a space divider as well.


There are a great range of accessories, peg board backs with fittings, open shelves, drawers, filing cabinets, work surfaces - you could easily build an workplace around this system.



Vicinity Work Storage by Hon

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

quartet privacy screens


Here is a great privacy screen product that can simply attach to the existing cubical partitions in your office. They are made by Acco - the office supply company (think binder clips and staples..!). The screens have a frosted plastic panel and a built in clip board for leaving messages and posting a name plate. They have two sizes, one is larger and extends down to the floor with built in wheels, the other a bit smaller and simply hangs from the top of the partiion.



Quartet privacy screens by Acco

Monday, August 10, 2009

flip 6 table by spec furniture

flip 6 tables by Spec

I came across this when I was looking at Spec Furniture's SimpleSleeper. The Flip 6 table is a folding work table that can be had on castors, and with integral data and power cabling. The tables can also be ganged together to make bigger tables, and if storing them they nest taking up only 6" per table. Pretty cool.

No dedicated web page yet at the product is brand new, but you can see it on Spec's intro page.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

satori chair by nienkamper

Satori Chair

This chair has all the essential features for a hybrid lounge chair. Comfortable lounge chair, but not overstuffed, modest in scale - check. Tablet work surface - check (even pivoting in this case). Two wheels, two legs - check (and even a convenient handle for toting on the back). Bonus points for cup holder, and optional mesh stash pocket can be had for the side of the chair.

Satori with Tablet

Perfect for a waiting area, brainstorming/ collaborating space in your office or coworking group. Be sure to scan the Hybrid Lounge category for past entries for similar chairs.

Satori chair by Neinkamper

where I write

Where I Write

Where I Write is a photo journalistic project by photographer Kyle Cassidy in where he photographs a series of authors in their workspaces. Its a fascinating tour through the habitats of creative minds. Well worth browse and a welcome relief from the neat freak presentation of most office spaces.

Where I Write via I09

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

spec furniture's simple sleeper


Having a sofa in the office is a great thing if you are on a killer deadline and end up staying in the office to later hours. Grabbing a couple hours sleep on the sofa and getting back to work can be handy, or simply crashing after you upload your project and are done. Having a sleeper sofa can be even better, but somehow feels inappropriate in the office.

Thats where the SimpleSleeper by Spec Furniture really fills a niche. Its like a day bed, but instead of pillows it has a legitimate back rest like a sofa. But when you feel like stretching out on it the back pivots up and out of the way giving back the full width of the seat cushion.


Great options too, for arms or no arms, and a great storage drawer below - a few pillows perhaps?


SimpleSleeper at Spec's NeoCon09 round up

PDF brochure on the SimpleSleeper

Sunday, August 2, 2009

tensegrity table and chair


The tables of this set are particularly beautiful, although they may or may not be practical. They are based on tensegrity structures which gain rigidity from a network of tension cables and compression struts. Whether practical or not the tables are beautiful, the chair perhaps a bit more awkward.



more photos and links to the designer on the Contemporist blog

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