Friday, July 31, 2009

usb hub for desk grommets

Belkin in-desk usb hub

Belkin makes this great USB hub that fits into the grommet cut-outs present on much office furniture. Not familiar with a desk grommet - its a circular hole cut through the work surface that allows you to pass power and data cords for your desktop equipment. They are typically fitted with a plastic trim that often has a cover which leaves a smaller area for the cabling. Often the area needed by the cables is small, but the larger opening is needed to pass the cable ends and connectors.

So Belkin has integrated a handy USB hub into the grommet cover. There are still two wire pass holes on either side, but now you don't need to have a USB hub on top of your desk. The cable to the computer plugs in underneath and now your USB accessories can just be plugged in to the grommet cover without groping under your desk for your CPU.

In-Desk USB Hub by Belkin

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

72 and sunny, los angeles


Yet another creative agency in a cool work space. Lets see if we recognize a pattern here. Post industrial loft building. Wide open spaces. Big table desking no less.
They also have a great coffee bar, lounge structure set into the middle of the loft space. More photos below on flickr and This Ain't No Disco.


72 and Sunny at This Ain't No Disco
72 and Sunny flickr set

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

swoopy office pod


I love this concept for a compact cubical as office shed. At about 7ft square this could fit in the tiniest back gardens and make a perfect home office away from home. The modern curvy form takes away the children's playhouse character of many traditional small shed offices - it just looks more about work to me. Inside its fitted out with a small desk for your computing, and as side surface with storage above and below.


more images at Tiny House Blog

facebook's new offices

facebook hq

Facebook has recently moved into new corporate offices that have consolidated several locations. It looks to be a giant post industrial complex and they appear to be providing a wide range of alternate work and interaction spaces. See more at the Blue Ant Studio Blog.

facebook hq

Facebook HQ

Monday, July 27, 2009

Virgina Woolf's shed office

Virgina Woolf's garden office

We've come across several examples of offices from well known authors, and often they worked in a small out building. An interesting trend.

Virginia Woolf's Garden Office at Shedworking

Friday, July 24, 2009

clamped table legs


Just beautiful. With a adjustable heigh castor fit to the leg it would be a great table for a vertical desk. It has a very saw-horse desk like vibe to it because these legs look like something you would get at the hardware store to make a saw-horse out of 2x4s, so we'll give it an honorary tag for saw-horse desking.


via Postgreen concepts

dp chair by itoki design

DP chair by ITOKI design

I keep returning to the ITOKI design web site and I'm loving a lot of their products. This DP chair can be set up as a task chair with wheels and pivoting base, or as a stacking pull up chair. It comes painted or in a handsome stained plywood which really shows its construction.

DP chair by ITOKI design

This chair has a such a great vibe reminding me of Eames, and Saarinen, and mid-century design in general without directly knocking off a master.

DP chair by ITOKI design

DP chair by ITOKI design

Thursday, July 23, 2009

slant studio work loft


Slant Studio in Emeryville, CA is located in a an old wharehouse building with arched top chord trusses, and brick walls. Out of this they have carved a residence for the owners of the studio, and their work place. It also looks like they are working at Kartell Max tables. Very nice. More image at the link:

Slant Studio at Remodelista

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

orbit chair by cb2

cb2orbit 1

The Orbit Chair by CB2 is a great candidate for our 100 dollar chair proposition. Although it actually costs $119, a couple of ticks over our self imposed target its as much style as you can get for this price. Now this chair is obviously inspired by Vitra's Tom Vac chair, but we won't hold that against it. No indication on the CB2 site about whether or not the Orbit chair will stack like the Tom Vac does, so it may be all show and no go. It does not look to me like it will. You only get what you pay for in the end.

cb2orbit 2

Orbit Chair at CB2

office plus dwelling

From the Arch Daily blog comes this office building with a small flat above.

office plus dwelling

We've frequently seen business owners that wanted a small apartment within or adjacent to their office. They have wanted to use them as a place to crash when working late, a place to have business guests stay, and if they lived outside the city a place that they could use on weekends spent in town. Its an interesting mix of work and dwelling - I won't call it home because its not the same as a home office, or working from home. Its the use of a dwelling as a component of work space.

Office with upstairs apartment in Arch Daily

Monday, July 20, 2009

itokidesign ba table

itokidesign ba table02

This is a great little accessory table by Itoki Design called the BA. Its designed as a side table, but its angled base and cantilevered legs allow you to pull it up to your seat and use it as a small work surface or laptop support. This is not only a great table for home, but for lounge and brainstorming areas of your office.

itokidesign ba table01

Itoki Design BA

Saturday, July 18, 2009

transfer is done

We are happy to say that all of our images for all the past posts have been transferred, and we are going to make an effort to get back to more regular posting on workalicious. Stay with us.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

al3 chair by girsberger

Girsberger AL3

Girsberger is a German manufacturer of tables and chairs for the workplace. All of their designs are fairly progressive, so if you see a hip looking task chair in an office photo and the chair is not obviously an Aeron or other new cutting edge task chair then its likely it may be a Girsberger.

Girsberger AL3

The AL3 chair is an aluminum framed task chair with a mesh back and thin pad seat. The undercarriage of the chair is very elegant with no obvious springs or exposed machinery. Yet the smooth organic form bends and gives where needed to provide recline and adjustment. Note the way the arm supports slide through back support member during a recline motion.

Girsberger AL3

The aluminum frame is offered in three finishes, black, natural polished aluminum, and a grey chrome. These remind me of custom alloy wheels! See more at the Girsberger site.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

ios airin chair series

ios Airin series chair

I like this interesting task chair from Korean manufacturer IOS Innovator's System. The pads have a molded fabric covered profile which is interesting. There is not a tremendous amount of description on the site, but I am going to infer that this allows the back to be flexible and the molding will actually promote a degree of ventilation. But the one of the best things about their site is all the cool desks they show in their gallery. The desks are not listed as their product so I'm not sure where they are coming from, but I like them!

ios Airin series chair

ios Airin series chair

ios Airin series chair

Ios Airin Series

via blueantstudio

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

swoop desk by cb2

CB2 Swoop desk

Crate & Barrel's CB2 makes this great little home desk called Swoop. Seems great for a little home office or a laptop desk in the corner of your living room. Its clearly channeling the Nelson swag leg desk, but we forgive it for the great value it is.

CB2 Swoop desk

Swoop desk at CB2

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

neocon09 - itoki design sp chair

SP chair

Justin forwarded this interesting task chair by ITOKIdesign - the SP Chair. The most striking feature is the back pad, which is not a pad at all, nor a mesh as has become so popular. It is molded, with deep ribs, of a soft material that will flex and give when you sit on it. Yet it maintains the spaces between the ribs which promotes air circulation and ventilation. Definitely a unique approach, and a really handsome chair.

SP chair

SP chair

ITOKIdesign SP chair

ITOKI has some other really interesting product so look for more info on them in the future.

Monday, July 6, 2009

still editing past content

Sorry for the sparse posting. I am still editing content in the background, shifting image hosting from typepad to flickr. But we are almost there, over half way through updating all the posts on the site. And when its done we look forward to simply posting again...!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

thonet germany reissues classic mart stam chair

mart stam chair

Chair obsessors like myself will recognize this Mart Stam chair as the daddy of all modern chairs. Created during Mart Stam's time at the Bauhaus it spawned many chairs inspired by its design, probably the most common and well known being the iconic "Breuer chair". Designed by architect Marcel Breuer with a chrome tube frame and cane seat and back, this chair was widely copied, directly and indirectly - and it was clearly inspired by Stam's earlier effort.

mart stam chair

The Stam chair is even more minimal and simple enough it could be a $100 plastic chair contender if done in the right materials. Thonet USA?

Mart Stam chair

thanks to Pat at A+D Library Services

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