Tuesday, June 30, 2009

tabrasa - instant white board on any wall


Tabrasa is a white board paint that allows you to turn any wall into a dry-erase marker board, or white board as they are often called. White boards seem to have completely replaced black boards, colored markers have replaced white or yellow chalk. And it seems since the whole affair became tidier the white board really made an advance out of the classroom to where it is almost ubiquitous in work places. They are used for meetings, for seminar rooms, for brainstorming areas. And now you can introduce a white board area into almost any office without putting up a special piece of hardware.

Tabrasa by Ideapaint at MDC Wallcoverings

thanks to Pat at A+D Library Services

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  1. contact me directly for samples/additional information if your in the NYC area... jhubbard@mdcwall.com


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