Sunday, June 14, 2009

neocon09 - diffrient world chair, humanscale

Human Scale Generation Chair

Humanscale is touting their new Diffrient World Chair at Neocon this year. This is their new task chair designed by Neils Diffrient who has designed past task chairs for them. Although they have a long list of new features for the chair it has a strong resemblance to its predecessor, the Liberty Chair. In particular the back design is almost the same, using the same strategy of providing lumbar support with a multi panel non stretch mesh. Also like the Liberty chair is a simplified adjustment set - the chair has only minimal controls and adjustments with most of the fit being made dynamically by the design of the chair. One of the biggest claims is the simplicity of the chair's construction with just 8 major parts, and 80 parts total. This lends itself to disassembly and recycling.

Human Scale Generation Chair

More details in Humanscale press release.

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