Monday, June 29, 2009

banquet workstation - theswitch


An interesting workstation situation at this Greek design firm. They have a series of shared desks, not quite big table desking as they only seem two wide, but they have a big banquet seat on one side. It provides an interesting alternative way to sit at your desk, and the high back makes for a space divider as well. Very cool idea, pulling from cafes, or taverns, and injecting it into the workplace. A description:

theSwitch workspace is located at Psirri, a “busy”, multi-cultural area in the historical center of Athens. Based on the agency’s philosophy on teamwork and the creation of user-friendly workspaces, the design and construction of the space creates a series of mini-spaces which serve for different functionalities: meeting room, mini-meeting room, lounge area, kitchen and bar- all fit in 120sq.m. Wide windows around the workstations allow for “communication” of the interior with the neighborhood and a view to Acropolis from the office’s front window. Transparency, simplicity and cleanness, with an attention to details and ergonomics characterize the space, which has been described as an urban working loft, where you constantly meet small “design surprises”.

To me this is much more compelling an idea than anything out of Neocon this year. More photos at theSwitch at ThisAintNoDisco

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