Monday, May 18, 2009

big table desking = benching?

big table desking = benching?

For the first time I'm seeing a consistent term applied to the Big Table Desking we've been posting about, and the term is Benching, or Bench Desks. It makes sense, and evokes the image of a long work bench as work tables are often called. We are going to stick with our term for now while this matures.

One difference we see is that Bench furniture systems, conceived to work this way, often included shared legs between work stations which is efficient. They also typically have a central wire management feature and often options for small partitions and privacy screens. Our observations of Big Table Desking is that this is more often accomplished by pushing together less sophisticated tables. I want our discussion of it to be more inclusive, so Benching will be for dedicated Big Table systems, and Big Table Desking will remain more general and more inclusive.

Big Table Desking on workalicious

photo: Teknion IE

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  1. Not to backpedal or anything, but in Europe a pretty standard definition for this type of table is a ‘project table’. I work for one of the biggest offices for workplace design in Denmark and suppliers, clients and designers seem to agree on the definition.


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