Monday, April 13, 2009

wired on the evolution of the workplace

wired on the evolution of the workplace

Tayrn over at Unplggd linked over to this interesting article on Wired which is a very brief snapshot of the evolution of the workplace. They start with the open rows of desks as we saw in office space back to the industrial revolution. That model did sort of hold until reconfigurable office furniture came about. But they have delineated Action office, the first cubicle based office system from Herman Miller from the hoards of copycats that followed. Meanwhile they have shoe-horned many of the interesting paradigms that have developed recently into one short description. The illustration suggests something like the honey-comb planning of Herman Miller's Resolve, yet they actually mention some of the Big Table Desking offerings by Vitra!

Evolution of Office Spaces Reflects Changing Attitudes Toward Work at Wired

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