Tuesday, April 21, 2009

redrawing the cube, from time magazine

Here is a link to an article in Time magazine from 2006 describing the coming revolution in office cubicles. It starts with the description of the gritty but familiar office cube:

Consider the cubicle. It's easy: just swivel 360° in your imitation Aeron chair. Ponder the various surfaces decorated with stacks of memos and coffee rings. Meditate on the file cabinets underfoot, the shelves overhead, the glow of the fluorescent reading light. Reflect upon the three walls papered with Post-it notes and your kid's macaroni art. It's hideous, but it's home.

They briefly touch on manufacturers making more open workstation furniture, as well as the implications of working in a more open setting. They mention that research by manufacturer Knoll shows that people are more productive with some privacy which parallels the finding in the Michael Brill booklet we are slowly reviewing. How to deal with the loss of privacy?Headphones? Defined social work spaces which leaves the open workstations more quiet? They even mention hoteling as a way to separate workers from a fixed location in the workplace.

Redrawing the Cube, Time

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