Tuesday, April 14, 2009

new work city, coworking

new work city, coworking

New Work City is a coworking site in, of course, New York City. From their site:

New Work City is a creative, community-based coworking space in Manhattan. Unlike typical shared office spaces, New Work City offers a flexible, open work environment.

We're a place where you can brainstorm with like-minded people.

We're a launchpad for your startup.

We're a respite for road warriors.

We're the answer to the cubicle.

We're the answer to working from home.

This is the new way of doing work. Welcome to New Work City!

New Work City has a strong networking component and runs regular events. They are also members of CoWorkingVisa which allows members access to other coworkingvisa sites when they travel.

new work city, coworking

New Work City

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