Monday, April 20, 2009

alternative workspace webcast

alternative workspace webcast

Here is an interesting webcast on Alternative Workspaces. This is geared towards large corporate entities with Facility Management staff and is intended to introduce them to the cost savings potential of alternate workspace and officing paradigms. If you are trying to explain Hoteling to somebody and they can't understand why a company would want to take away workers permanent offices this webcast covers the basics. It does suffer a bit from the over enthusiastic production values, but its really just a series of presentation slides with a voice track. This was prepared by PeopleCube who produces software to help companies manage rotating assets like hoteling office suites and workstations - so they have interest in moving companies into this kind of work pattern, and infact pitch their product at the tail end. So take what you hear in light of that context.

Alternate Workspaces at People Cube (site requires registration and a resultant call from sales staff!)

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