Wednesday, March 18, 2009

visionaire publishing, ny, ny

visionaire publishing, ny, ny

The offices of Visionaire Publishing are sporting Big Table Desking in a big way. I'm not sure from the photo but I suspect it is one of the several big desk systems from Vitra. They are also using Eames Aluminum Group seating for their task chairs, and a combination of direct down lighting and indirect up lighting.

I'm still not sure what to make of the frequent instances of Big Table Desking. While this kind of workstation arrangement is no doubt a new trend, the no-privacy work place is a throwback to the 1950s office pool, a line up of identical desks classroom style. Is it the peer to peer seating position that overcomes this? How would it? By building community? As opposed the pilot and passenger 747, catholic church model of everybody facing "forward". Does the Big Table Desk break down this heirarchy by facing people towards one another, sharing a big desk instead of staking out territory? Is the big table desk a microcosm, a representation of a healthy organizational structure?

I'd love to hear from people working in an office environment like this. What are your experiences?

Visionaire Publishing's web site I'm afraid there are no photos of their space here, but its a nice web site!

Visionaire was designed by Loadingdock5 where you can see a few photos.


  1. holy shit. is that a hockey puck mouse? that poor poor person.

  2. Crap! You're right - lint picking hell, that mouse is.
    I noticed some of their Apple monitors were pretty old school but didn't see the mouse!


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