Friday, March 13, 2009

relax lounge chair

relax lounge chair

KI, yet another manufacturer of office furniture, desks and chairs, also has not one, but 4 lounge models fit out with work surfaces. My favorite is this one, the Relax. I like not only its funky profile, but there are some clever details. the tablet arm you may notice in the photo folds in half to get out of your way. The undersurface has a small upholstered pad attached so it becomes a padded arm for the chair. Also I like its front legs/rear wheels arrangement. This way when you sit the chair is solid - no rolling around. But when you want to move it around, just tilt it holding the back, and like a little hand truck you can scoot it around.

Relax chair by KI

and FYI there are links to their other tablet lounge chairs are on the bottom of that web page.

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