Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pad chair series by dynamobel

pad chair series by dynamobel

Dynamobel is a Spanish office furniture manufacturer, and the Pad series of chairs were designed by Alejandro Zaera Polo of Foreign Office Architects. Unfortunately the Pad chairs are not visible on the Dynamobel web site as of the time I am writing this but I'll provide a link to their site anyway as it should appear in the future. Links and more photos below.

pad chair series by dynamobel

I'm intrigued by this chair as it seems to be willing to break with the conventional two-pad configuration for the sake of ergonomics. The seat pad has a saddle like profile with a raised center - tractor seat style I call it - something similar can be seen on the Hag Capisco. And the back bad is split into discreet shoulder and lumbar pads. I have no information yet about how the chair adjusts, but I think it has potential to be very accommodating and comfortable. In the side view we get a bit of a clue about its construction - the back member appears to have some flex built into it, as well as being part of a hinged mechanism that resolves below the seat pad. If so that would be a bit of a hybrid - taking a different approach to get to the same place reached by suspended sling type chairs where you have very controlled tilt mechanism, but flex introduced by the stretched fabric.

pad chair series by dynamobel

No idea if it will be available in the US.


Pad Chair at Dezeen blog with designer interview

Thanks to Justin as always for keeping his eyes peeled for me.

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