Saturday, March 21, 2009

meridian is the reconfigurable file cabinet

meridian is the reconfigurable file cabinet

Lets face it. I hate filing cabinets. They are unavoidable. I try to keep my project files brief, and store as much as I can in my project files on the computer. But some projects just generate more paper than others. And the truth is for some businesses there is no getting away from paper trails. So when it comes to filing cabinets I love Meridian. Meridian is the filing cabinet brand owned by Herman Miller, and what makes their filing cabinets unique is that they are completely modular. Each cabinet consists of a base, storage units be they drawers or cabinets or flipper doors or shelves, and a top. You can stack them high, or stack them low, and if you need to move you can re-arrange them and change their height.

meridian is the reconfigurable file cabinet

The upshot of this is that you can adapt them to your workplace. Instead of file cabinets as a liability for your space - where are we going to put this foreboding wall of drawers... Now they can play a positive role in the way you define space in your office. A low partition, a high privacy wall, a display niche, you decide.

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