Wednesday, March 11, 2009

belize lounge chair by teknion

belize lounge chair by teknion

Now this is what we're talking about. Check out the Belize. We have a tablet arm for your laptop. An open storage shelf/cubby underneath the seat to stash your bag. You can get it on wheels - easy to move about. And there is a handle built into the seat back so you can grab it and tote. And, ready for this - cup holder option. For your coffee. I swear.

This is definitely a new class of workplace seating. The manufacturers are aiming this not only at the traditional reception areas, but team spaces, training areas, and other casual meeting areas. I like that this acknowledges that we likely have a laptop with us, and other associated stuff that we need to stash somewhere. But most importantly these hybrid chairs are setting out to accommodate us in new scenarios that have developed in the workplace; people are working in new and different ways, and hey - we're going to try to make furniture that facilitates that. Right there - thats a microcosm of making your workplace work for you.

Belize Lounge by Teknion

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