Friday, February 20, 2009

leaf personal light by herman miller

leaf personal light by herman miller

Yes, I know, we just looked at a Herman Miller desk lamp a few days ago. Well I apologize, but this lamp is so interesting you'll just have to bear with me. Its called the Leaf and the form quite obviously follows that of a leaf with a center stem and a flat surface extending out from the stem. I imagine this lends stiffness to the structure of the lamp, but it also makes it look remarkably graceful.

leaf personal light by herman miller

The lamp uses LEDs which is pretty cool in of itself - this is looking increasingly like the light source of the future. But more interesting is that they are mixing cool white and warm white LEDs in the fixture to produce a more balanced light spectrum. We have a few LED task lamps at home, and all of the LEDs are cool white. Its fine, but I'm definitely envious of the better spectrum from the Leaf. Ours have a definite blue cast to the light they give off.

Leaf Personal Light by Herman Miller

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