Friday, February 13, 2009

j.crew's desks at a continuous lean

j.crew's desks at a continuous lean

Over at the blog A Continuous Lean they regularly feature images of the offices of various entities they interview. This week they interviewed Mr. Frank Muytjens of J.Crew and showed a number of images of the J.Crew workplace. Mr. Muytjens is a VP of Mens Design at J.Crew so these are the offices of some of the companies creative minds that put together their product collections. As a result these are truly the workspace of creative types.

j.crew's desks at a continuous lean

The first thing I notice is what I call a controlled creative clutter. This cuts no ice with neat types - they see this as nothing but a mess. But I see the kind of actively organized dynamic workplace that productive work comes from, creative or otherwise. Reference material is stacked on hand, samples and reference images hung or shelved nearby, and inspiring work pinned up or on display to motivate more and better work. Just teetering on being completely out of control.

Several more images and an insightful interview revealing much about their creative process at A Continuous Lean:

J.Crew at A Continuous Lean

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