Sunday, February 22, 2009

focal point direct/indirect lighting

focal point direct/indirect lighting

Focal point is a commercial lighting manufacturer that makes a nice selection of direct/indirect fixtures. We've discussed this type of fixture before, and we believe it really is the best way to light a workplace if you have sufficient ceiling height. The idea is you bounce the majority of the light off your ceiling from a hanging fixture. The ceiling diffuses and spreads the light evenly around your space. The fixtures typically can also direct a smaller percentage of the light down in the conventional manner. This is actually helpful as it gives you a sense of where the light is coming from, and creates a balance of direct and indirect light. The best part of this strategy is it gives you a bright ceiling surface. Conventional recessed ceiling fixtures can deliver the same amount of light, but they leave the ceiling surface dark. The result can be a gloomy environment even if it is well lit.

focal point direct/indirect lighting

Focal Point has several different designs, but this one is quite handsome. The Verve.

Focal Point

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