Thursday, February 26, 2009

do me a favor

Traffic on workalicious has been on a steady creep upwards. Every day I discover some new blogger that has added us to their blog roll, and for this I am tremendously grateful. Grateful that you come to read this each day, and grateful that you want others to see it as well. We are confident that nobody else on the web is covering the office in quite the way we've set out to do, to get you to think about how you work, and not just cool products or cool pictures.

So here's what you can do for me today - email one of your contacts, somebody you know who you figure would be interested in this. Send them a link. Lets see if we can't just step up the traffic a little more. The more we all bring to the table the even better it will be. Thanks.

Update: Fantastic response everybody! Thank you! You doubled the site's peak traffic today and a whole lot of new people checked it out. I hope you all keep coming back. Now back to the office!


  1. I subscribed following the prompt on materialicious.
    After a couple of weeks I am unsubscribing. There are only so many PR shots of office furniture I can take. This blog has done nothing to help me work. No ideas, no support, nothing, just endless PR puffs for ridiculous chairs.

  2. Sorry it does not do anything for you Jon. We are trying to illuminate products that support different ways of working. There is a lot of stuff out there, and even though we skim just a sliver of it, one thing I can guarantee is that its going to be endless.
    Thanks for hanging in and giving it a try.


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