Thursday, February 5, 2009

40/4 chair

40/4 chair

The 40/4 chair is not plastic, nor is it $100. Its all metal, and it costs about $200 (although you can probably find it for less out there). But it is probably the precursor of many of the $100 plastic chairs on the market - compare it to the Stylex Rhythm and the Vitra Sim chair we've shown before. The stacking wire base, and thin contoured seat and back shell are its hallmarks. But the all metal 40/4 chair is going to be more durable than a plastic chair. It also has another characteristic from which it draws its name. The 40/4 chair can stack 40 chairs in 4ft of height. This stacking density plus its durability has made it a favorite of many corporate and institutional users. If you've gone to an event in a multi-function room at different times in your life then no doubt you have sat in a 40/4 somewhere along the line.

40/4 chair

40/4 chair at DWR

Correspondent Bill Schwarz found the 40/4 at a good price.

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  1. I found the metal version for $99 online here:


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