Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the office as a tool

I'm going to be reading The Office as a Tool by Michael Brill over the next couple of weeks. Its a thin book, but I'm going to just read it a little bit at a time, and lay down some of the bigger ideas it covers in the blog as I go along. I think it can really open your eyes to how you look at your workplace so I think its worth this effort. I'm going to keep each installment brief so you can read it at blog speed!

At the outset of the book Brill poses some attitudes towards the workplace:

  • Some are indifferent towards the workplace, although they may realize it matters the feel other priorities are more important and yield better return.
  • Some believe the office can facilitate the work of the employees, make them more productive, and more satisfied with their jobs.
  • Some think the office can offer an image that will help them attract and keep the best workers, and project the company values not only to customers but to their own workers.
  • Some see their office in transition, or a constantly changing organization, which would quickly obsolete any changes to the office, so why undertake them.

These attitudes don't necessarily contradict each other, and in fact they could coexist. How do you regard your workplace? What thoughts would you add to that list?

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