Thursday, January 22, 2009

the office as a tool 1.3

When we last visited our continuing scan of Michael Brill's short booklet The Office as a Tool, we had looked at the idea that the office matters, and helps influence the way your office works. In the next section Brill throws down the challenge to change the way we think about the office. Its not just a place to keep our work tools, the office itself can be a tool to do work, hence the name of the booklet.

  • The office does matter, and it can be shaped by how we do our work, by the way we see our workers doing their work, and by the way we see our organization.
  • By shaping the office to our purpose we regard it as a tool, treat it as a tool, use it as a tool, benefit from it as a tool.
  • The office as tool does more than provide a place for work - if facilitates work so we can get the most, the best of ourselves when we work there, it helps the organization of workers facilitating the interactions that benefit the mission, it can clarify the mission and keep it before the workers, and project the image of the organizations culture which both reinforces the work and promotes the organization.

Designers seem to understand this more readily than others, and hence you see more often a unique office arrangement in the office of a creative venture. But all forms of work can benefit from using the office as a tool.

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