Saturday, January 31, 2009

interactive office shed tour

interactive office shed tour

A great link today from the Shedworking blog, an interactive tour of the writing hut of UK author Roald Dahl (you might know from Charlie and the Chocalate Factory, James and the Giant Peach). I like the little writing surface he had rigged up to span across the arms of his lounge chair. This reminds me of the Levenger Lap Desk we showed a little while ago.

Ok, it looks like a run down dive, but face it - the man did great work here. The desks flanking his chair, the task lamp at his side, cup of pencils, power sharpener at hand. This place worked for him, and it shows. All you need at hand, less to distract, good work flows. Can we all say we have our place nailed like this?

Roald Dahl Museum Writing Hut Tour

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