Friday, December 12, 2008

mirra chair, herman miller

mirra chair, herman miller

So we are now in a post Aeron world, what's a chair manufacturer to do? The mission at herman miller was to bring a range of these innovations to more moderately priced seating, and to improve on other factors where possible. Specifically the Mirra is great strides ahead of the Aeron in terms of how easy it is to recycle.

mirra chair, herman miller

Lets look at some of the Mirra's best characteristics:

• For me this chair is all about the back. The back is a one piece molding of resilient polymer. The form and pattern of the perforations in the back are designed to give it a range of stiffness and flexibility. This allows the back to provide support where its needed, and to give where it helps provide comfort. The openings also allow ventilation and airflow following the model established by the Aeron. You can get the chair with the back exposed, or with a fabric covering. I like it exposed and it comes in some interesting colors as well.

• The seat is also a fabric covered mesh rather than a foam pad, so it also supports air flow and ventilation. The seat pad has an interesting function as it adjusts for seat depth without moving by having a flexible front edge. If you need a shorter seat, then the front edge can turn down reducing the depth.

• The Mirra was designed with Cradle to Cradle principles in mind. This means the chair is made with recycled content, and when its life is done it breaks down easily into parts that are in turn easy to recycle. The claim is that it takes a fraction of the time to break down than the Aeron chair does, and although the Aeron can be recycled as well the Mirra boasts something like 96% of the chairs content can be recycled besting the Aeron.

• Without getting into all the individual functions of the chair I can say that it has the range of adjustability features and comfort you would expect from a top task chair. But they take a back seat to the other stories which the Mirra really seems to be about.

mirra chair, herman miller

Mirra chair by Herman Miller

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