Tuesday, December 16, 2008

liberty chair, humanscale

liberty chair, humanscale

The Liberty Chair is Humanscales entry into the mesh backed chair space. Its designer is Neils Diffrient, the same designer that created Humanscale's Freedom chair which although it is an advanced design it relies on fairly conventional shell+pad backs and seats. But the Liberty takes a slightly different approach on several fronts.

liberty chair, humanscale

Lets look a some of the places where the Liberty stands out:

• The mesh back on the Liberty is different than other chairs. Typically a flexible mesh back chair requires a pad behind the mesh to provide lumbar support. The Liberty uses a non-stretch mesh which can create enough tension to provide lumbar support without a pad. The back panels are shaped by forming the mesh back out of three panels so it is not simply stretched flat across a frame. Its an interesting and unique approach.

• One of the Liberty chairs most interesting characteristics are the back supports that swoop out from under the seat and extend around the back to support the arm pads. This whole framework moves with the recline posture, with the back frame flexing a little bit more to accommodate the recline. The counterbalance is self adjusting so there is no tension adjustment for the seat back.

• The Liberty uses a gel topped seat pad as was an option on the Freedom chair, and you get the distinct sense that they don't approve of mesh seats!

• The chair has a simplified control set with only the seat height and seat depth. If you have ever tried to learn the functions of a chair with multiple adjustable settings you can understand the appeal of the Liberty here.

• Fixed arm pads do a better job of jiving with the chairs aesthetic, but adjustable arms are available and look very similar to the mechanism from the Freedom chair.

• Reccyled content - its in there. 95% recyclable too.

liberty chair, humanscale

Liberty chair by Humanscale


  1. Hey all, I own a liberty chair, and have to say Humanscale did something right with this one! I think it is far superior to the Liberty Chair.

  2. I think you mean that you like the Liberty chair better than the Freedom chair.
    Preferences are always individual no doubt, but the Liberty is not as adjustable as the Freedom, but they say its been designed to accommodate a broader range of people without adjustment. So the proof is in the sitting.


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