Monday, December 22, 2008

ho5 by HÅG

ho5 by HÅG

HÅG is a Norwegian chair manufacturer who has always been way ahead of the curve in offering ergonomic driven chairs. We'll look at a few of their chairs next.

ho5 by HÅG

a description from the HÅG site:

Do you ever wonder which sitting position is the best? It’s always the next one! An ergonomic chair is a chair that naturally follows you as you move to the next sitting position. It must obey the minor and major movements of the body and be at rest when the body requires it. When the chair follows the body it means you can concentrate on your work, at the same time as the body gets the appropriate nourishment for the active muscles. You are moving your entire body without being aware of it.

I love the way this chair offers advanced features in a no nonsense way:

• The headrest. The H05 came with a headrest option years before the recent interest in headrests!

• Swing away arms. You may notice that the arms on the chair can be swung out of the way, pivoting to the rear of the chair. My task chair has arms and I know that sometimes you just want them to be gone, they just feel like they are in the way at times. What a great thing to be able to move them away for a period of time.

• Low profile spider base. Most task chairs have a base with a great deal of rise - meaning the legs angle up to the center of the base. There is nothing wrong with that, but when you sit for a long time and seek new positions you inevitably end up putting your feet up on the legs of the base spider. With the legs sloping up like that it makes it harder to really rest your feet on them. And more often than not they finish on the spider won't hold up to this foot traffic. Well HÅG has a low profile spider that has level legs, running very close to the floor, so close in fact that they have to rise up to accommodate the caster wheel. Where they do rise up they are topped by a gridded foot rest, looks like a gas or brake pedal from your car. So their base lends itself to serving as a foot rest. Brilliant.

ho5 by HÅG

H05 by HÅG

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