Thursday, October 2, 2008

envision shelving by peter pepper

Envision Shelving, Peter Pepper

Envision shelving looks like it might be a candidate for the shelving component of a vertical desk set up. Even if it is not, it is a nice looking shelf system for sure. Extruded aluminum vertical standards and combo wood and aluminum casework for cabinets that fit into the system are very handsome.

What may be missing is a shelf surface deep enough to serve as a desk height shelf - you need at least 24" deep, and the position of the vertical standard, because it is not against the wall, may interfere with rolling your mobile table under the desk height surface. But the components are very beautiful, and the supports for the shelves will likely not interfere with the mobile table. You can get a good look at the components in this close up photo.

Envision Shelving, Peter Pepper

Envision Shelving, Peter Pepper

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