Thursday, October 30, 2008

enook fold-away wall desk by anthro

Anthro Enook

Anthro appears to be making the mother of all fold-away wall desks. If you've been following along on my fold-away wall desk journey then you too know that we have reached fold-away desk nirvana. Best of all Anthro seems to have a firm idea about what you would actually do with one of these things.

Antrho Enook

They offer an eNook, and an eNook Pro. The Pro comes in a laptop model and a CPU model - yes, it actually has a rack that hangs below that can accommodate a compact CPU. They all have room for a power strip that lives in an accessory compartment below the desktop and they can be fit out with additional shelves for cell phone charging stands, ipods, GPSs or any other small rechargeable gadget you live with. The Pro models are available in two sizes, the larger one being 3ft wide. Wow, thats beginning to sound like you could actually work at one of these.

Antrho Enook

eNook Pro

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