Tuesday, October 28, 2008

concept desk on unplggd


Unfortunately this is just a prototype, but it looks like a really great concept for a desk. The key feature is a modular bin system that allows you to change out the storage capabilities of the desk. It also has tilting work surfaces at the front, and a spot to locate your video display and contain the cable monster under the desk top.


The link trail leads back to industrial design student Thomas Broen. More power to this clever designer. To me this looks like a product I would find at Ikea and it would not have surprised me at all if that was what I read about it. Its a fairly simple product that would lend itself to knock-down. It supports a small range of accessories which lets customers personalize the way that they use without a giant investment in "systems" furniture. Are you reading Ikea?

Table Desk concept on Unplggd

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