Tuesday, October 21, 2008

abc desk system by vitra

ABC by Vitra

Vitra actually makes several desk systems that can be configured as "Big Table Desking" but we'll start at the beginning with ABC. The ABC system can actually be configured several different ways and it looks to also be an great freestanding desk. There is a great accessory range with clamp on power distribution and off desk accessory shelves being my favorites. You'll notice that its possible to introduce a small privacy screen between the tables when ganged into a Big Table.

ABC by Vitra

ABC tables are available in a variety of dimensions and shapes: tops are rectangular or boat-shaped, and the Wave Table has a curved longitudinal edge. Table heights are ergonomically adjustable within a range of 100 mm. Tables can be joined together on the sides by means of hanging storage containers to link several workspaces in a row.

The basic functional components of ABC are simple to plan and install. Mobile wall elements serve the purpose of spatial organization and power access. The functional “third level” provides power and data access, cable management, technical screens and fabric-covered privacy screens, making it possible to easily adapt a workspace to any specific task. Trolley and Tower units, as well as the Storage cabinet system augment the versatility and flexibility of ABC.

ABC by Vitra

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